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Sathi Sansar Nepal (SSN) is a Non Government Organization fully committed to help children and people in difficult circumstances. SSN's origin came about informal manner among likeminded few committed Nepali development practitioners and some Catalan and French humanitarian workers deployed in Nepal, after the glaring needs of children living with disability in the society. In the beginning, the team decided to work with disable children. The term 'disable children' self was very vague. After identifying the needs later decided to work only with 'children are living with cerebral palsy (CP)'.

Since 2006 SSN initiate Special Education Center (SEC) service for children living with CP with highlighting deem need in Kaski district. The main objective was to improve the quality of life of children living with CP. During the process of working, the community raised a demand for more services. We were not able to provide all service through SEC therefore then expanded our services through Community Outreach Program.

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The main goal:


To improve the quality of life of children living with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LDDs), functionally and socially, with a special focus on cerebral palsy, through recognition and respect of their rights to equal opportunity and full participation in an inclusive society.


Specific operational goals:

  • To provide special education and rehabilitation services to disabled children with LDDs;

  • To promote public awareness, social integration and family integration of children with disabilities;

  • To strengthen the capacity of local education services and community based organizations that work towards Education for All.

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According to new strategic guideline, Sathi Sansar Nepal has being providing services through two different interventions that can be described according to Child Based interventions (ChBI), focusing on CHILDREN and provided services through

  • Special Education Rehabilitation Center Services (SERC)

  • Home Based Education and Rehabilitation Services (HERS); 

  • Inclusive Education Support Services (IE).


and Community Based Interventions (CBI), focusing on:

  • Parenting and family education;

  • Community education/awareness raising;

  • Support to Adults with Cerebral Palsy; 

  • Capacity building for families and teachers.

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